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Control, with your brain!
October 17, 2008, 10:17 am
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Imagine if you can control things just by thinking, don’t have to move your arm or walk, just concentrate at the cup in front of you and it comes to your hand. Yeah,.. nothing new, we’ve seen in in many movies or TV series like Hero. Hey, but I say imagine if you can do it!
Well, at least in a game, with this new game controller that uses brainwaves as input. It looks like a normal headphone, except that it has electrode that monitors your brainwaves.

At the moment, even it’s already on shop display in Tokyo (where else?), it’s still on the “concept” phase, which means there is still room for improvement, exciting off course! NeuroSky, the producer, hopes that this can be used not only for games, but for practical applications at hospital, school, even in public transit. One ideal use  (at least if I have to decide) might be for disabled people, for those who can’t walk like us, or those who can’t hear and speak. Once people get used to it,.. imagine the possibilities! Imagine if you can only think of it and not have to move a little to do things. I think I’m gonna gain weight some more.


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By mastering the different difficulty levels of the free brain game, the brain will be trained to be more efficient. You will be able to hone your reflex action and improve your memory and cognitive skills. You will be more alert and as your ability to remember and comprehend is enhanced, you will be able solve complicated problems easily.

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