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The “Enough is Enough” in Design
October 3, 2008, 2:22 pm
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This is a kind of summary of what I found in Just Creative Design site, and I find it really true.

7 Most cliché stock images used in web design:

– Hand shake
– A group of business people
– Laptop, Keyboard or Mouse
– Rising finance graph
– Tall building
– Technical support person with headset
– Globe

Next time when you design something, be it a website or brochure to print, keep it in mind that we are full of this, enough is enough.

Some more,

7 most overused icons, shapes or symbols:

– Heart
– Wing
– Skull
– Light bulb
– Heraldry / Crest
– City skyline silhouette
– Arrow

7 most overused Techniques & Elements used in Graphic Design:

– Light rays / Sunray / Rising sun
– Silhouette
– Ink splatter
– Swirl, Flourish, Ornaments
– Flowing lines
– Funky circles
– Smoke texture


Trend in Blog Design
July 29, 2008, 1:54 am
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On Smashing Magazine, a survey to study the design of big blogs. This is the statistic:

  • large blogs require a multi-column layout solution (usually 3 columns suffice) (58%);
  • layouts are usually centered (94%),
  • layouts usually have a fixed width (px-based) (92%),
  • the width of the fixed layout varies between 951 and 1000px (56%),
  • 58% of the overall site layout is used to display the main content,
  • CSS-layouts are used (90%),
  • the background is light, the body text is dark (98%),
  • the most usual (not necessarily most user-friendly) line length lies between 80 and 100 characters,
  • Verdana, Lucida Grande, Arial and Georgia are used for body text (90%),
  • the font size of body text varies between 12 and 14px (78%),
  • Arial and Georgia are used for headlines (52%),
  • headlines have the font size between 17 and 25px.

It’s time to change you blog design, or time to be unique? Your call.

ps.: I’m using someone’s else design, a free one from the web, since I don’t have freedom to customize the design (this is free wordpress blog). Blame him if my blog don’t go big, or blame wordpress for no freedom 🙂